The Committee

President Rob Bloxham  Western Australia
Vice President Eddie Hadley  New South Wales
Secretary Martin Schmidt  Queensland
Treasurer Tony Kilvington South Australia
Public Officer Tony Kilvington  South Australia
 New South Wales Eddie Hadley Brian McAllister
 Victoria Ian Collins Peter Sheehan
 Queensland Allan Rogers Martin Schmidt
 South Australia Tony Kilvington Kym Turner
 Western Australia Brian McDonough Rob Bloxham
 Boss and Shelby Registries  
 Boss Registrar - Australia Andre Stoffers  Victoria
 Shelby Registrar - Australia Nez Demaj  Victoria
 Shelby Representative Brian McAllister  New South Wales
 Shelby Representative Darryll Ashby  Queensland
 Shelby Representative Fred Pascale  South Australia
 Shelby Representative John Luca  Western Australia
 Web Site Team - National  
 Coordinator Eddie Hadley  New South Wales
 Web Editor Peter Preneas  New South Wales
 State Website Editor's
  Eddie Hadley  New South Wales
  Lino Avellino  Victoria
  Robyn Messenger  Queensland
  Dale Smith  South Australia
  Tim Morrison  Western Australia

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