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Mustang Owners Club

The Mustang Club caters for all Mustangs, 1964 to present models, stock or modified. If you would like to be part of the Mustang scene and enjoy the company of other enthusiasts, join in the social events and get in touch with solving your Mustang queries, you are welcome to contact the Club Branch nearest to you, click on the map to get more information from the state club nearest to you.

If you are contemplating buying a Mustang, by joining and associating with other owners, you can be helped to get the best value, the right car and the right options by being a whole lot wiser before you set out on your investment.

Come on a club run in your state,  join up,  become a member.

or join our forum there is a wealth of information on Mustangs.

1st       - #11742 (SA)

2nd      - #17237 (TAS)

3rd       - #02285 (QLD)

4th       - #17389 (TAS)

5th       - #17969 (VIC)

6th       - #00647 (WA)

7th       - #11355 (SA)

8th       - #00956 (WA)

9th       - #16519 (VIC)

10th     - #06104 (SA)

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Car Lottery results 

The Mustang Owners Club Australia (MOCA) and the Leukaemia Foundation would like to thank the Australian community for participating in the Lottery.

The Lottery was drawn on Sunday 12 April and all winners have been notified.

A public information notification was published in the Australian Newspaper on Wednesday 15 April.

Due to privacy laws and to respect the wishes of the winners, we are not permitted to reveal the names or address details of the ticket holders.