2007 Mustang Nationals Canberra

Thoroughbred Class Award
Ken Buckland (NSW) 1967 Aqua Convertible
Original Class Awards
Tony Fable (VIC) 1965 White Fastback (Elevated to Thoroughbred Class)
Nez Demaj (VIC) 1967 Green Shelby GT500 Fastback

Bill Cant (VIC) 1965 Blue Convertible
Bill Cant (VIC) 1965 Gold Fastback
Mick Hogan (VIC) 1966 Silver/Blue Hardtop

Malcolm/Karen McEwen (NSW) 1967 Brittany Blue Shelby GT500 Fastback
Martin/Sue Schmidt (QLD) 1966 Sauterne Gold Convertible
Keith Speer (NSW) 1969 Grabber Orange Shelby GT350 Fastback

Ivan/Anne Christie (SA) 1969 Aztec Aqua Convertible
Modified Class Awards
Kevin Bennett (QLD) 1972 Yellow Hardtop
Daren Jones (ACT) 1970 Orange Mach 1
Display Class Awards - Early Models

Ron/Bev Eggleton (NSW) 1970 Yellow Boss 302 (Elevated to Concours Class)
Michael/Natalie Froome (ACT) 1967 Red Convertible
Alan/Pat Lilleyman (VIC) 1965 Red Convertible
Russell/Pauline Pendock (VIC) 1966 Red Hardtop
Russell/Samantha Piggott (QLD) 1967 Green/White Shelby GT500 Fastback

Display Class Award - Late Models
Phill Beresford (VIC) 2004 Red Mach 1
Long Distance Award
Bob/Verna Galbraithe (WA) 1967 Timberlake Green Fastback